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Al-Olaya Private Schools was established in (1407 AH), and for thirty-few year، it has been a destination for pioneers of excellence and creativity who drew from its pure source. So, the country would expect a great generations of educated young people

Preparing a leading generation who believe in their religion and country and be active actors in their community; they influence and be influenced by them with the surrounding changes and keep pace with the developments of their time through an attractive educational environment

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Olayya Private Schools

Represent curricula in a qualitative and unique educational style accompanied by a mature educational sense that fit with the developments of the era and its high technology, and the needs and thoughts of the new generation

The need was increasing day by day – with the increase in urbanization, civilization renaissance, and cultural maturity, to build a distinguished school which became a leading school in the city of Riyadh – bearing the name of the Olaya region as a medal on its chest

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Achievements are the result of concerted efforts. The schools have won many awards that we are proud of

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Our schools building is well-developed and fully equipped, including the following facilities
Technology and entertainment (stadiums and gymnasiums)
Scientific laboratories and computer laboratories

In our schools, we are keen on the quality of the school environment and students developments

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Email: info@alolayyaschools.edu.sa
Unified number: 920008238
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Al Mursalat District, Riyadh

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