Curricula of the Ministry of education, in addition to enrich English language , Math, Science, Arabic & Islamic

Dar Albara’ah schools gathering between curricula of the Ministry of education in Arabic and Islamic studies subjects, social sciences and arts and mathematics and computer science being a private school. Unless it is distinguished from private schools by activate a global approach in English (PEARSON) of kindergarten till third secondary grade.

Curriculum and activities:

Our school is featuring with an integrated Ministerial curriculum schools in addition to  “Pearson” to enrich the English language, science and mathematics, in addition to various non classroom activities that characterize our schools between social, cultural, recreational and creative. Schools capacity: The school is located in the neighborhood of daffodils at the intersection of Othman Ibn affan road with King Salman road, on an area (refer to company designed for building) square meters, consists of two parts: males and females, as well as General Administration, covering all stages: primary, elementary and middle and high school, offering developed English and Arab curriculum to make an effort towards cognitive awareness, and fluency in both language. The school is worried by Activate the exemplary education during the lesson through the modern educational halls. The school is currently seeking for Internationality as the administration working to reach that. Males’ schools are including all stages of primary grade third grade secondary school. The total number of students (789) (20-25) students per class, the educational and administrative crew consists of (102) employees in addition to the support services staff responsible for cleaning and maintenance and technical support and safe schools.

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